Los Angeles Sewer Line Specialists

Family-owned. Family-operated. Los Angeles-based.

Escobar Sewer Contracting specializes in the installation, repair and replacement of sewer lines for Los Angeles municipalities, businesses, and homeowners. This profession is not only our job; it is in our blood. It is our passion and sums up the history of the Escobar family since we installed the first sewers in the Los Angeles Basin in the early 1900’s.

In addition to sewer lines, we install, repair, and replace storm drains, manholes, clarifiers, cleanouts, and backflow valves. We also install and repair underground utilities.

We have always offered FREE ESTIMATES, CCTV camera diagnoses, and emergency service calls. Estimates are submitted to you within 24 hours of the estimator’s visit.

We are C42 and A Licensed in the State of California and will provide permit-pulling and inspection assistance with all Los Angeles city and County offices and engineers.

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